Front view of the South Bend 14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe

Front view of the South Bend 14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe

14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO

14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO

14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO

14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO

When you require a high quality variable speed lathe

Built for daily use in a busy industrial setting and loaded with all the essential features and high-precision parts, these gearhead metal lathes are perfect for the toolroom that desires extremely tight tolerances.

They are by no means delicate due to their heavy weight, thick castings, and quality construction providing the necessary brawn for demanding manufacturing and production tasks.

The EVS (Electronic Variable Speed) spindle control, as the name implies, allows the operator to quickly set the exact spindle speed within the available range of 20–2500 RPM. Spindle speed is displayed on the digital readout and controlled within each speed range with the use of a dial. This eliminates changing gears or having to look up complex lever positions on a chart!

The powerful 5 HP, 3-phase spindle motor benefits from the Yaskawa variable-frequency driver inverter and ensures smooth, consistent torque at every speed.

The beds of these lathes are constructed with Meehanite castings that have been precision-ground and hardened in the traditional three-V prismatic design—long used on South Bend lathes for accuracy, durability, and rigidity.

The gearbox features quick-change gear knobs and feed rod includes a slip clutch that disables automatic carriage feed in the event of a crash or when it contacts the feed stop.

To further ensure a high degree of accuracy, these lathes are equipped with high quality Japanese spindle bearings. The spindles are the D1-6 camlock type with an MT#6 taper and 2.0625" bore. The tailstock quills offer 6" of travel and have a MT#4 taper.

This EVS Toolroom Lathe also includes a pressurized headstock oiling system that pre-lubricates gears/bearings before the spindle starts and delivers perfect lubrication during low speed operations.

Additional standard equipment and features include both steady and follow rests, a Fagor 2-axis DRO for precise positioning of the apron, an easy-to-clean chip drawer, a complete coolant system, an adjustable work lamp, a powered cross feed, and a foot brake.

14" x 40" 440V EVS Toolroom Lathe with Fagor DRO


  • Unit price per 


  • Fagor 2-axis DRO for precise positioning of the carriage and cross slide
  • Superior engineered uniformity with Meehanite castings 
  • Signature self-centering South Bend three V-way bed
  • Japanese Yaskawa inverter ensuring smooth, consistent torque and reliability
  • Enclosed universal gearbox for cutting inch, metric, modular, and diametral pitches
  • Pressurized lubrication system for headstock gears and bearings
  • Safety chuck guard w/ micro-switch shut-off
  • 4-Way tool post
  • Complete recycling coolant system
  • Micrometer carriage stop
  • Threading dial indicator
  • High quality Japanese spindle bearings
  • Full-length splash guard
  • Front-removeable sliding chip tray
  • Jog and emergency stop buttons
  • US based customer service and technical support


  • Swing over bed: 14.17"
  • Distance between centers: 40.00"
  • Spindle bore: 2.0625"
  • Spindle Motor: 5 HP, 440V, 3-phase, 7A (with inverter)
  • Power requirement: 440V, 3-phase, 15A min. circuit size
  • Coolant Pump Motor: 1/8 HP, 3-phase, 0.15A
  • Oil Pump Motor: 1/4 HP, 3-phase, 0.6A
  • Swing over cross slide: 8.38”
  • Swing over gap: 20.98”
  • Bed width: 10.25"
  • Cross slide travel: 9.25”
  • Compound slide travel: 5.10”
  • Swing over saddle: 13.78"
  • Carriage travel: 38.58”
  • Spindle nose: D1-6 camlock
  • Spindle taper: MT#6
  • Spindle speeds: electronically variable, 20-2500 RPM
  • Spindle bearings: NSK or NTN tapered roller
  • Spindle length: 24.24"
  • Spindle length w/3-jaw chuck: 28.74"
  • Spindle length w/4-jaw chuck: 34.08"
  • Tailstock taper: MT#4
  • Tailstock quill travel: 6.00"
  • Tailstock barrel diameter: 2.05"
  • From 2 to 72 TPI (45 pitches) of Inch threads
  • From 0.20 to 14.00mm (39 pitches) of Metric threads
  • From 0.30 to 3.5 MP (18 pitches) of Modular pitches
  • From 8 to 44.00 DP (21 pitches) of Diametral pitches
  • From 0.002 to 0.067 IPR (17 feeds) of Longitudinal range
  • From 0.001 to 0.034 IPR (17 feeds) of Cross range
  • Maximum tool bit size is 3/4"
  • Overall dimensions: 91-1/2" W x 39-1/2" D x 59" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 2984 pounds

Built to true South Bend high-precision industrial standards.